If I close my eyes so tight
I can still see you walking straight towards me
You are only all that I see
Stay with me
You are walking straight towards me.
Anberlin (via hithisisdom)

What song are these lyrics from?

(via thedevotionalquietlife)

Hey, these lyrics were added into Inevitable during Anberlin’s live concert.

You asked me whether I still have your letters. Of course I have them; they aren’t lost like I said. They are the last remaining etches of your soul that I possess. But it pains me to read them, they give me an incomplete smile. I have many things to tell you, but maintaining my silence seems like the right thing to do at that moment. Others may say horrid things about you, they may confer you unkind titles but I know you are not a true representation of their judgement. Don’t be too worried that you forget how to lead your life. Be happy.

It’s alright now, I can wait
We cannot think of the cost
Burnt up like the days we lost
If only you could you see mine
Running out dry
Some of these feelings never died
I step onto your side
You never did see mine
Tell me are you sleeping still tonight
It’s alright now, I don’t wanna wait